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DUS v5750

The DUS v5750 is the largest vessel in the DUS product portfolio. This vessel is suited for longer marine operations in challenging offshore environments.



  • Single round bilge hull including 2 stern fins, bilge keels and active gyro stabilizer to minimize roll/pitch effects.
  • Aluminium hull (Marine Grade 5083) self righting bulkhead 11 shielded compartments according to DNV Class Guidelines.
  • 6,75 x 1,85 x 2,30 m (lxbxh), -0,60 m draft.
  • Containerized, 20 ft shipping container transportable.
  • 1900 kg dry weight (excl. 500 l HVO biofuel and payloads).
  • Self-supporting structure on the 2 fins and bow, no need for cradle, bracket on deck and shore or dock.
  • Survey up to 4,5 m swh, Survival up to 6,0m swh(Sea State 6).
  • 1750 km range, 13 day’s endurance at 3,3 kn(1,5 l/hour)
  • 500 kg moonpool customizable payload capacity.
  • Interchangeable multi sensor moonpool cassette(s). on 1 single bracket e.g., MBES, SBES, RC Winch, SVP/SVS, SSS & SBP. Other payloads such as AUV, towed array, etc. possible.
  • Over-the-horizon and BVLOS remote operations capable.
  • Safety & navigation with GNSS(INS), AIS, Radar, LiDAR, day light & thermal cameras, lights, sound reception system, weather station, VHF and triple emergency stop system.
  • DUMS© mission planner software application with autonomous navigation and collision avoidance.
  • Redundant comms WiFi, LTE (4/5G), SATCOM and Starlink.
  • 2x main and 1x bow thruster redundant DP (patented).
  • Delivery time between the 6 to 9 months depending on stock availability and customization requests.
  • Sale and lease options (rental on request).


Our technology development focusses on core system functionalities such as control (dynamic positioning), path planning, (GNSS-denied) navigation, perception and onboard data processing solutions.

By developing the key components fully in house, we offer best in class integration between various hardware and software products, integration with customer IT network and together with freedom customization needs.

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Customized vessel

Demcon unmanned systems develops and supplies unmanned autonomous vehicles for customer specific applications. Increasing safety, optimize production and enabling new business models. All systems design, development, realization, integrations and service is done in-house ensuring full customization capabilities and a one-stop shop. Providing users innovative solutions that match their industrial standard, performance and workflow integration needs.

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