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Demcon Unmanned Systems delivers electric (hybrid) autonomous USVs that automate tasks and extend user capabilities. Our rapidly deployable platforms excel in continuous operation both nearby and over the horizon. Built for the harsh real world, our equipment withstands impacts and functions reliably despite less-than-ideal conditions. Enhance your maritime operations with increased safety, sustainability, time efficiency, and agility.


Award winning modular uncrewed inspection and surveillance vessels, scaling from inland to offshore types.


Comprehensive 360° vessel helm system, tailored for survey operation planning, remote control and vessel management.


From real-time situational awareness sensor fusion, warning systems to autonomous collision avoidance system.


new solutions: the impact of usv's

The vast oceans have long remained a frontier of exploration and curiosity. Offshore surveyors, integral to this venture, consistently face multifaceted challenges, ranging from natural maritime perils to evolving industry standards emphasizing workforce adequacy and sustainability. The imperative to safeguard personnel while concurrently heeding the global call for environmental conservation presents an intricate conundrum.

In this evolving landscape, the maritime sector is poised for a significant transformation. The advent of Autonomous Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) represents a paradigm shift. These advanced technological vessels not only epitomize heightened safety measures but also resonate with the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship. It is evident that with the integration of USVs, the future of offshore surveying is anchored in innovation, safety, and sustainable praxis.


custom-made usv’s for any job

Demcon Unmanned Systems understands the need for safe, efficient, and reliable maritime operations. Our proven unmanned vessel systems offer adaptability to any hull design and can be tailored to integrate any equipment to meet your requirements. Our in-house developed intellectual property in USV platform design and autonomous navigation software enables customized solutions for specific hardware and software requests.

We are not merely an equipment supplier; we are a partner in continuously enhancing your operation’s safety, efficiency, and reliability with unmanned autonomous solutions.


V5750 Van Oord

V5750 Van Oord

Van Oord’s Transition to Uncrewed, Autonomous Offshore Survey Vessels


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How we keep our feet dry in the Netherlands!

Flooding poses a significant threat to the Netherlands and Rijkswaterstaat, an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, is constantly monitoring this risk. They have partnered with key players such as Van Oord to ensure we keep our feet dry in this county where a significant part is below sea level.