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Unmanned Surface Vessels

Development, manufacturing and supply of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV’s) and autonomous navigation (e.g. collision avoidance) technologies for different under and above water applications. 100% in-house developed and designed electric, silent and environmental friendly vessels. Low in maintenance and unparalleled motion control system (patented) enabling high and accurate maneuverability in any direction. These USV platforms can be deployed for various mission purposes and applications. The systems can be customized and scaled to specific customer application needs and different under- and above water payload/sensor equipment integration requirements.

Autonomous Navigation Technologies

Our tech development focusses on adding autonomous system functionalities. From solutions for sustainable electric propulsion, control (dynamic positioning/ autopilot), collision avoidance, 3D LiDAR based (GNSS denied) navigation and adaptive path planning to situational awareness, onboard data processing, sensor fusion, and communication solutions enabling digital, remote and safe operations.

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