Autonomous Survey Vessels

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Navigating the vast oceans and meeting the ever-growing demands of offshore surveying is no minor task. For years, the industry has grappled with workforce shortages, safety concerns, and more focus on sustainability. Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) address these challenges and streamline offshore operations.

Tackling Workforce Challenges

Efficiency Boost, USVs operate with unparalleled precision and consistency, significantly reducing the need for large survey teams. This means fewer personnel to train, less onboarding, and ultimately, a solution to the talent shortage.

USVs not only complete surveys in significantly shorter durations due to their relentless operation but also benefit from the automation of tasks. Their capability to conduct multiple surveys simultaneously further accelerates the process. With no interruptions for shift changes or breaks and no long voyages, their design specifically addresses and fulfills the burgeoning needs of the industry. Their multitasking ability, coupled with automation, makes them indispensable tools for the future of offshore surveying.


ensuring unmatched safety

With USVs, the inherent risks of offshore surveying are dramatically decreased. No crew means no risk of human exposure to the treacherous marine conditions. The result? Fewer accidents, minimized liabilities, and peace of mind for survey managers.

USVs are either autonomous or remotely operated from safe distances, often onshore. This not only shields teams from direct harm but ensures operations continue even in the most challenging conditions.


championing sustainability

Unlike traditional survey vessels, USVs are compact and energy-efficient. Their design ensures minimal CO2 emissions, a direct contribution to the industry’s sustainability goals.

The subtle operation of USVs, characterized by reduced noise and disturbances, ensures marine ecosystems remain undisturbed. It’s a win-win – achieving survey objectives while maintaining a harmonious balance with nature.

The Future is Here

Amidst the complexities and demands of offshore surveying, the rise of uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) presents a pivotal solution. Addressing challenges related to cost, safety, and environmental impact, USVs integrate cutting-edge technology and optimized processes. This advancement not only heralds a new chapter for the offshore surveying industry but ensures enhanced efficiency, robust safety measures, and a commitment to sustainable operations.


How do I determine which USV is right for my needs?

Each USV is designed for specific maritime environments and tasks. The DUS v1375 is ideal for shallow waters with difficult access, the DUS v2500 is tailored for inshore and nearshore operations, while the DUS v5750 is built for challenging offshore conditions. For specialized needs, our team can guide you to the best choice.

How does the customization process of the USV work?

Our in-house team collaborates with clients to understand specific requirements. We then tailor the USV’s systems, sensors, and functionalities to meet these needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflow.

What makes the electric system of your USVs superior to traditional marine propulsion?

Our electric systems are silent, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than traditional systems. They also provide consistent power delivery, ensuring smooth operations.


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