Autonomous Survey Vessels

the challenges in survey

Conventional offshore surveying operations have historically relied on skilled surveyors working in demanding marine conditions. However, this approach carries significant drawbacks in terms of costs, safety concerns, and profit margins. At Demcon Uncrewed Systems, we’re dedicated to resolving these challenges.

Growing Demand and Scarcity in Workforce

As the offshore industry keeps expanding, a twofold challenge emerges. Firstly, there is a high demand for skilled workers because the offshore survey industry is still expanding. Secondly, there’s a shortage of skilled professionals, which is putting pressure on the available talent pool. Factors such as the aging workforce and a preference for onshore roles further compound the labor shortage, making staffing a complex puzzle to solve.


safety risks in modern maritime

Surveyors working on water face numerous safety hazards. Exposure to harsh weather, rough seas, and challenging terrains increases the risk of accidents and injuries.Ensuring team safety demands intensive training, strict protocols, and additional measures and compensations – all adding to operational costs.


stricter sustainability goals

The maritime industry is undergoing a shift towards a stronger focus on sustainability. There are now stricter environmental rules, and the world is increasingly focused on responsible practices. This means that there’s a greater demand for eco-friendly solutions. Companies in the industry are working hard to meet these sustainability goals, especially when it comes to offshore surveying. The big challenge is to reduce the impact on the environment while still being efficient in their operations.

Amid these challenges, there’s a growing consensus on the need for efficient and cost-effective solutions in offshore surveying. The emergence of Autonomous Uncrewed Survey Vessels (USVs) offers a promising remedy that addresses cost, safety, and sustainability concerns. USVs utilize advanced technology, automation, and streamlined processes, ushering in a transformative era for the offshore surveying industry. This innovation guarantees heightened efficiency, safety, and sustainability in surveying operations.


How do I determine which USV is right for my needs?

Each USV is designed for specific maritime environments and tasks. The DUS v1375 is ideal for shallow waters with difficult access, the DUS v2500 is tailored for inshore and nearshore operations, while the DUS v5750 is built for challenging offshore conditions. For specialized needs, our team can guide you to the best choice.

How does the customization process of the USV work?

Our in-house team collaborates with clients to understand specific requirements. We then tailor the USV’s systems, sensors, and functionalities to meet these needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflow.

What makes the electric system of your USVs superior to traditional marine propulsion?

Our electric systems are silent, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than traditional systems. They also provide consistent power delivery, ensuring smooth operations.


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