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Traditional offshore surveying and environmental monitoring rely on skilled personnel in challenging marine conditions, leading to significant challenges such as safety concerns and high operational costs.

The growing offshore industry faces a twofold challenge: In an ever-expanding market with increasing demand for skilled workers, the current shortage of professionals is compounded by factors like an aging workforce and onshore preferences.

Surveyors working on water encounter safety hazards due to harsh conditions, necessitating extensive training and increasing operational costs. Furthermore, the maritime sector’s increasing focus on sustainability requires ecofriendly solutions.

The challenge is to reduce environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency in this evolving industry. Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) offer an innovative solution to these issues.


addressing modern maritime challenges

Growing Demand and Scarcity in Workforce

USVs carry out specific tasks autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention. While the USV is in the field gathering data, the operator can supervise the mission remotely from the office, enabling the operator to focus on
the data and meet industry demands effectively.

Safety Risks

Depending on the environment, USVs can execute their missions fully autonomously or assist the operator by indicating risks. Equipped with an elaborate sensor suite that continuously scans the environment, the vessels can either take actions autonomously or inform the operator about what they have detected.

Stricter sustainability goals

USVs are smaller and energy-efficient, with minimal CO2 emissions, contributing to industry sustainability goals. Their quiet operation minimizes disturbances to marine ecosystems. USVs mark a transformative era for offshore surveying, enhancing efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Automated task execution

Utilize our user-friendly mission planner and survey software integrations for swift mission setup, adjustment during operations, and autonomous task execution, reducing the need for human intervention. Save up to 50% in project execution time and reduce fuel expenses by up to 150x per hour!

Remote operations

Global mission management is supported by our Remote Operation Center and Mission Software. This enables operators to monitor missions from any ship or office, minimizing travel costs and enabling a flexible and efficient deployment of your workforce.

Effective autonomous sailing

Our autonomous navigation software covers all the required unmanned capabilities, from path planning and real-time vessel control to onboard situational awareness and sensor data handling. It is designed to carry out specific user tasks autonomously, reducing employee workloads, and shortening project lead times. Employee workloads and shortening project lead time.



Situational awareness

All our vessels are equipped with 360-degree cameras and Lidar to
detect and navigate around static obstacles, ensuring safe operations and preventing damage to the USV. In addition to these sensors, the larger USVs are also equipped with AIS, radar, 360-degree thermal cameras, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, enabling safe navigation in congested waters.

Collision avoidance system

Our USVs are equipped with advanced software that predicts and reacts to potential collisions, ensuring safety without the need for human intervention.

Dynamic Positioning system

The novel patented DP system allows for centimeter-accurate position and heading keeping. This makes the vessels highly maneuverable, even at low speeds, enabling operations in tight environments. Additionally, the DP system can be switched into an energy-efficient mode for automatic rotation into current and wind, reducing energy demand while sailing and maintaining position.

Championing sustainability

Eco-friendly propulsion

Fully electric and digital systems, reducing the environmental footprint and emissions.

Aluminium hull design

Lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and recyclable hulls.

Compact design

Small uncrewed vessels can be efficiently shipped globally for consistent mission execution worldwide.

Minimal maintenance and unique serviceability

Minimal moving parts and in-field replaceable components for high operational availability.


Full customizable functionalities

Demcon Unmanned Systems understands the need for safe, efficient, and reliable maritime operations. Our proven unmanned vessel systems offer adaptability to any hull design and can be tailored to integrate any equipment to meet your requirements. Our in-house developed intellectual property in USV platform design and autonomous navigation software enables customized solutions for specific hardware and software requests.
We are not merely an equipment supplier; we are a partner in continuously enhancing your operation’s safety, efficiency, and reliability with unmanned autonomous solutions.

Custom-made hardware design

In close collaboration with the customer, the initial USV concept is designed to meet their unique operational needs. With naval architects, we tailor hulls for performance, while our in-house simulation assesses hull and sensor performance before the build. Our field-proven scalable unmanned system architecture ensures safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Integrative software development

In-house development and maintenance of our real-time control stack, mission planner, and autonomous navigation software enable us to develop missions and functionalities tailored for specific operations.

Custom payload capacities

USVs can accommodate diverse payloads to suit different operational needs,
whether it’s goods, specialized equipment, or research tools.



How do I determine which USV is right for my needs?

Each USV is designed for specific maritime environments and tasks. The DUS v1375 is ideal for shallow waters with difficult access, the DUS v2500 is tailored for inshore and nearshore operations, while the DUS v5750 is built for challenging offshore conditions. For specialized needs, our team can guide you to the best choice.

How does the customization process of the USV work?

Our in-house team collaborates with clients to understand specific requirements. We then tailor the USV’s systems, sensors, and functionalities to meet these needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflow.

What makes the electric system of your USVs superior to traditional marine propulsion?

Our electric systems are silent, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than traditional systems. They also provide consistent power delivery, ensuring smooth operations.


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