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Uncrewed Surface Vessels

Pioneering the waters with our advanced Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV’s), designed for autonomous inspection, logistic, and surveillance operations. USV’s are future-proof systems crafted for the modern challenges of marine environments – electric, silent, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. Take control with unparalleled mission planning and vessel movement capabilities.

Precision Navigation Across Diverse Environments: Our USVs are outfitted with sophisticated sensors and algorithms. This ensures smooth operation from the tranquil waters of inland regions to the dynamic challenges of nearshore areas and the vast expanse of offshore territories.


addressing modern maritime challenges


Growing Demand and Scarcity in Workforce

Improvement in efficiency and flexibility

Automated Task Execution

With our tailor-made programming and machine learning capabilities, the USVs can be designed to carry out specific tasks autonomously. This reduces the need for human intervention and compensates for a shrinking workforce.

Remote Operations

Our built-in interfaces support remote management and oversight, enabling a single operator to monitor multiple USVs at once. This enhances operational efficiency and addresses workforce shortages.

Collision avoidance / situational awareness

Our Situational Awareness system is a complex system where both the external environment, with regards to collision avoidance, as well as the internal vessel system situational awareness data, with regards to system self-state and health, are all fused and processed onboard to allow the autonomous decision making. With DUS its elaborated Safety System, a completely separated (redundant) sensor network of at least 40 different sensors measuring water ingress, temperature, vibrations, hatch opening, etc.

Advanced Sensor Integration

Customize the vessel with an array of sensors, such as LiDAR, thermal imaging, and more, to detect and navigate around obstacles, ensuring safe operations even in congested waters.

Collision Avoidance Software

Our USVs are equipped with advanced software that predicts and reacts to potential collisions, ensuring safety without the need for human intervention.


Full electric propulsion

Eco-friendly Propulsion

As an answer to sustainability challenges, our USVs run entirely on electric systems, significantly reducing carbon footprints.

Energy-efficient Path Planning

Advanced algorithms can be integrated to calculate and navigate the most energy-efficient routes, saving energy and contributing to sustainability goals

Aluminium Hull Design

Low maintenance need and unique Serviceability capabilities minimal mechanical moving parts lowering failure chances, easy in field replicable components even the thusters, robust low maintenance systems due to this capability, remote support by full remote system access, monitoring and health analyses.

full customizable

Full customizable USV for every shore

At Demcon unmanned systems, we don’t just develop USVs; we craft solutions. Our holistic approach means you get a USV tailored to your unique needs. From design and development to integration and service, we go beyond there current boundaries. We are specialized in continously innovating and are able to do so with the amount of technical knowledge inside our company and the whole Demcon Group. Dive into an era where safety is paramount, production is optimized, and new business models are born.

Offering high level of service

Enabling efficient custom developments for customers and operators both for hardware as well as software. From IT/Network integrations in existing customer infrastructure to new vessel survey autonomous control modes based on customers used equipment/sensors and application software (Survey Software like Quinsy, Beamworks, etc.)

Modular Design

The USVs are designed with modularity in mind. Depending on the operation’s needs, different modules, be it for research, surveillance, or logistics, can be swiftly attached or removed.

Integrative Software Development

Integration of third-party applications

We offer the possibility to develop and integrate proprietary software or third-party applications to ensure seamless operations with existing systems or to meet specific mission requirements.

Modular Software Stack

All inhouse developend and engineerd allowing for easy customizable software stack with regards to the robotic Operating system, the User Interface, Control Modes, Path Planning algorithms, etc. Enabling scalability between different platfom types and sizes from small inland to our larger offshore USVs. As well as modularity and allowing customers to easily integrate multiple different sensors and software on the vessel for both navigation (multiple and different GNSS systems for redundancy) as well as payloads.

Real time Contol Computer

In house developed IP,  for seamless switching between all control modes from Autonomous Ops to manual. Allowing for custom control modes based on customer survey sensor and software input (survey sw integration for automated path).

Custom-made hardware design

Taylor-made for each application area. Wherever our boats are deployed, in inland waters, harbors, nearshore or offshore, we provide a suitable design based on the specific conditions in which the USV’s needs to operate. Hull design, size and software for autonomous operation are adjusted for the specific conditions in the different environments.

Custom Payload Capacities

Based on operational needs, the USVs can be tailored to carry varying payload capacities. Whether it’s for transporting goods, specialized equipment, or research tools, the vessel can be adapted accordingly.

Modular Design

The USVs are designed with modularity in mind. Depending on the operation’s needs, different modules, be it for research, surveillance, or logistics, can be swiftly attached or removed.



How do I determine which USV is right for my needs?

Each USV is designed for specific maritime environments and tasks. The DUS v1375 is ideal for shallow waters with difficult access, the DUS v2500 is tailored for inshore and nearshore operations, while the DUS v5750 is built for challenging offshore conditions. For specialized needs, our team can guide you to the best choice.

How does the customization process of the USV work?

Our in-house team collaborates with clients to understand specific requirements. We then tailor the USV’s systems, sensors, and functionalities to meet these needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflow.

What makes the electric system of your USVs superior to traditional marine propulsion?

Our electric systems are silent, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance than traditional systems. They also provide consistent power delivery, ensuring smooth operations.


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