Demcon unmanned case

2024 got off to a flying start

We’re happy to announce that Demcon Unmanned Systems will be contributing to the Weco – the Wave
Energy Collective, along with consortium partners: Holland Shipyards Group, TNO, Campusatsea, and

The project is aimed to enhance the oceans’ renewable energy sources with an innovative wave energy converting concept. Developing, testing, and validating the system and 1:1 prototype in real offshore conditions, which will take place in the North Sea offshore test site in front of the Port of Scheveningen (Gemeente Den Haag). All within the context of the EFRO program ‘Kansen voor West 3.’ During this project, we will develop a sustainable future-proof uncrewed inspection capability for these new types of Wave Energy Converting (WECs) assets, automating the inspection workflow and monitoring the on-growth of biological organisms.

Our offshore USVs will provide a safe and sustainable means to inspect and monitor offshore innovations.