Demcon unmanned case

Christening ceremony V5750 | 30-4-2023

Van Oord Christens the first DUS v5750 offshore class USV, the VO:X Barentsz!

Last Thursday, the 25th of April, our first v5750 was christened. The v5750 is a groundbreaking Uncrewed Surface vessel, developed for Van Oord’s offshore survey needs. This cutting-edge platform is the result of the collaborative effort between Van Oord and Demcon Unmanned Systems. This partnership has led to the development of both the v5750 and its predecessors, the v2500’s, which have been successful in operation for several years. While Demcon Unmanned Systems provided expertise in the uncrewed platform and autonomous navigation technologies, the Van Oord Survey team offered invaluable input to ensure the vessel’s capabilities meet the demands of offshore survey applications.

The v5750 represents an evolution in our USV design, leveraging our field proven, robust hardware and software platform while integrating innovative technologies and functionalities tailored for offshore operations. While the v5750 might seem small next to its impressive hybrid water injection vessel neighbors, also christened this day, its capabilities are anything but diminutive! We are excited about the vast potential it brings to the future of offshore surveying.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Van Oord for their collaboration and trust throughout the development of this groundbreaking platform. Stay tuned as we unveil more details about this newest class in our USV portfolio!

Read the press release by Van Oord through the link below: