Demcon unmanned case

Get to know our safety features

Safety and reliability are essential in uncrewed autonomous vessel design. After all, there is no one on board to act or fix anything in these digital systems where hardware and software are closely intertwined.

A key component in the safety systems is our Situational Awareness System. This involves comprehending the external environment around and below the vessel, achieved through a combination of different sensors such as radar, LiDAR, cameras, GNSS (INS), sonar and AIS. Specific combinations depend on the type of vessel. This gives the system an understanding of its location and the ability to map traffic, objects, and structures in our 3D digital world model.

The other aspect involves providing a reliable vessel platform. Our uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) are equipped with various sensors that measure temperatures, vibrations, component performance, hatch openings, CPU/GPU core utilization, and many more variables per compartment. This allows us to remotely monitor the vessel’s internal status.

All data from these external and internal sensor sources are fused and processed in real time to detect, decide, and act autonomously. This ranges from making collision avoidance route adjustments to automatically optimizing a mission plan based on the vessel’s performance.

Guaranteeing safe and reliable systems is grounded in our in-house developed software. Ensuring quality and agility in making improvements and including new technology advancements.  

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